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Our Power & Purpose

VOX ARTIVISM believes in the power of music to change the world. As artist-teachers we are committed to making a difference in our local community here in Los Angeles,  and also as global citizens.  We empower students with the ability to express themselves musically, and in doing so guide them through the process of personal growth and transformation as they acquire musicianship, leadership skills, and the confidence to vocalize their own unique creativity. We want to empower the future generation with the knowledge that they can make a difference, through action, collaboration, passion driven musical projects.

The Philosophy of Vox Artivism 

"Growth Mindset"

Children are born with infinite amounts of creativity, that simply need to be engaged and nurtured so that each individual explores this aspect of their innate human potential. Creativity can be applied to all areas of life, exercising the part of the brain involving problem solving and the imagination required of innovation. Creativity allow us all to to envisage a future of our own making, and empowers us to pursue our goals. Music provides an opportunity to share perspectives, and an outlet for their voice to be heard.

The Importance of Socio-Emotional Wellness and the Metric Impact of Art-Based Curriculums.

The current educational system is organized around metrics and standardized tests in public schools. To assist in aiding people curious about quantifiable data pertaining to socio-emotional health and its impact on the efficiency of an organization, understand that the most thorough research conducted on this subject is offered by the United States Department of Defense, which is the most diverse organization in the United States.  You can see their research by following this link. To the left of the screen, you will see a video presentation on the importance of music, art, to holistic mental wellness, enhanced by analytics of measurable outcomes .

About the Founder

Brianne grew u​p all around the world as the daughter of an American Army Officer and an elementary school teacher.  Brianne attended Berklee College of Music in Boston for her undergraduate degree, and recently completed her graduate program at University of Southern California where she obtained her masters degree in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. 

Brianne has a younger sister, Brigitte, who is featured in the photo on the right.  Brigitte remains this age in Brianne's mind although the photo was taken 20-some years ago. 

To Learn more about Brianne visit her website below!

FEVER - by Ray Charles 

cover by The B's and the Honey

Brianne-Adette Bogle is an American singer-songwriter who occasionally indulges in performing covers of her favorite jazz songs with her band, 

The B's and the Honey. This time The B's cover FEVER by Ray Charles, on a sizzling spring day in Hermosa Beach, California. 

ft. right to left : Brigitte van Geel -Guitar, Enrique Lara - Drums, Brianne Bogle- Vocals, Kurtis Kleber-  Bass

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