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Our R​ece​nt Work

    Our team of student activists, and our team of artists-as -teachers hope that our work will support the initiative and raise awareness for the many benefits of music and art education, from increased academic performance to social-emotional health and wellbeing.

     Vox Artivism's STAND UP FOR SOMETHING music video features the student voices, choreography, and visual artwork to the song, “Stand Up for Something,” an activism anthem Vox Artivism licensed from Grammy-award winning songwriter Diane Warren and rapper/activist Common, who we thank for their generous support.  

@2022 Vox Artivism

This "artivism" piece celebrates our beautiful planet and advocates to keep it healthy and clean for all it's creatures great and small.

With love,

Students, Musicians, Poets, Artists, and Activist from across Los Angeles

@2020 Vox Artivism

The Stand Up For Something  Project 

Advocating for Access to Music & Art Education in all California Public Schools

Vox Artivism In Collaboration with The California Global Ed project at Mckinley K-8 School of the Arts Presents

The Stand Up for Something Music Video 

The Wonderful World Project

Vox Artivism In collaboration with Sonic Fuel Studios,  The Harmony Project, The HOB Music Forward Foundation, Lunada Bay Elementary, The Marine Mammal Care Center and The Apex Protection Project 


The Wonderful World Music Video! 2020


The 5th Graders of Wildwood Elementary created this beautiful piece for environmental awareness.


Wildwood Elementary 5th Grade Classes social activist album raised awareness against modern day slavery with the song, "Freedom Today."


 Vox Artivism's Founder, Brianne attended the Women's March on DC in January of 2017, and protests at the LAX against Trumps ban on immigration, and created this piece.


Spring of 2017 VOX ARTIVISM was asked to assist the 5th graders of Wildwood Elementary in writing music for their social activist album, concept by incredibly inspiring teacher, Monique Marshall, West Los Angeles.


Here's what we've been working on!

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